The minimum requirements for registration as a European Ergonomist cover the following components:


At least three years of university level education, including at least one year of ergonomics related training.

Supervised Training

At least one year. Exceptions may be granted where this was not possible.

Professional Experience

Two years following supervised training, or three years when supervision was not possible.
  1. The title European Ergonomist (Eur.Erg.) will be granted to a candidate who provides satisfactory evidence of all three components. 
  2. Certification lapses after five years and an application for renewal (prolongation) needs to be submitted if the ergonomist wishes to remain certified. Evidence of continual professional development and practice will be required. A log book of attendance at training seminars, etc, is strongly advised. 
  3. Further information on the requirements for Registration as a European Ergonomist are described in the document Minimum Requirements.