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Marcin Butlewski

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First Name : Marcin

Last Name : Butlewski

Country : Poland

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Bio : Marcin Butlewski, Ph.D., Eng., is a Professor at Poznan University of Technology, specializing in Applied Ergonomics. He is coauthor of more than 100 articles and chapters, 5 books and thus he has significantly contributed to ergonomics and design. Since 2006, he has been involved in numerous industrial projects aimed at assessing and improving ergonomic working conditions. His research interests covers: ergonomics, occupational safety, and human factors engineering, focusing especially on ergonomic assessment of work environments, the development of ergonomic tools, and the integration of ergonomics into managerial processes. Key areas of Marcin Butlewski research are: ergonomic assessment and design, occupational health and safety, focusing on reducing human error; universal and inclusive design, aimed at creating accessible tools for all, including the elderly and people with disabilities; technology and automation in ergonomics; human-machine interaction - assessing tech-based systems; macroergonomics, applying ergonomic principles organization-wide; social responsibility, integrating ergonomics to improve enterprise practices; and ergonomics role in solving problems for grey populations – geroergonomics.

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