Courses and Education

CREE is often asked where people can get training to be an ergonomist. Some countries have courses in ergonomics that cover all of the educational requirements for CREE registration. It is also possible to do courses that largely cover the educational requirements and to make up for the deficits by doing shorter courses or taking modules at other institutions. CREE accepts training that has been put together from studies at a number of institutions; however, they should all be at university or college level.

The courses in the following list have been recommended by the national ergonomics societies as offering most or all of the components that are part of the minimum requirements for registration. CREE does not certify courses and cannot guarantee the content or continuation of any course, as this is at the discretion of the institutions that offer the courses. You should check with the course supervisors to find out how well the course matches the CREE requirements (and if it is still available). The course supervisors are also generally able to offer advice about additional courses that you may need to do to reach the CREE minimum educational criteria.

CREE does not endorse these courses or profit from providing this information. There is no guarantee that the information for any country is complete. If you are offering a course and feel that it is suitable for listing on this website, please contact the CREE representative for your area (see list in section “About CREE”).

Course Title Institution
Bachelor of Health Sciences (ergonomics) University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Master of Health Sciences (ergonomics) University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Course Title Institution
Specialization module, level 1, ergonomics Odisee, campus Brussel
Course Title Institution
Advanced Master in Risk Management and Well-Being in the Workplace (option Ergonomics) Consortium of 4 Universities: ULg-ULB-UCL-UMH (Bruxelles, Liège, Louvain-la-Neuve, Mons)
Professional Masters Degree in Social Movements, Work and Organisation University of Picardie Jules Verne
Master of Occupational Psychology Ergonomics University Lille 3
Professional Master 1 and 2 in Health Engineering University of Law and Health Lille 2
Master 1 and 2: Ergnomics, work, education, daily life University of Paris 8
Master 1 and 2: Work and Development. Specialty Ergonomics Cnam : Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Aix, Caen
Master 1 and 2 : Occupational psychology, ergonomics and orientation University of Paris West Nanterre-La Défense
Professional Master 2: Ergonomics, Organisation and Workplace University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
Professional Master 1 and 2: Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering University of Paris Descartes
Master 1 and 2: Health Engineering University of Paris South
Master 1 and 2: Psychology, Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering University of Lorraine – Metz
Professional Master 1 and 2: Cognitive sciences and ergonomics University of Bordeaux
Master 1 and 2: Body experience and ergonomics Blaise Pascal University Clermond-Ferrand
Professional Master 2 and Research Masters University of Lumiere Lyon 2: Institute of Work Studies
Master 1 and 2: Ergonomics University of Champollion, Albi
Master 1 and 2: Ergonomics University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Master 1 and 2: Ergonomics, Cognitive technical Innovations and Human Factors University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Professional Master and Research Master Univerisity of Aix-Marseille
Course Title Institution
Master of Human Factors Engineering Technical University of Munich
Course Title Institution
Diploma in Ergonomics Bologna - INAIL
Master in Ergonomics Master in Ergonomics
Academic Master in Ergonomics Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Bachelor in Ergonomics in Design Milan Polytechnic University
Bachelor in Ergonomics in Design University of Florence
Bachelor in Applied Psychology University of Turin
Vocational Master in Ergonomics Società Italiana di Ergonomia
Anthropometric Variability and Applied Ergonomics University of Turin
Psychology of Work and Wellbeing in Organisations: Master Degree University of Turin
Course Title Institution
Master of Labour protection and Expertise University of Latvia
Bachelor of Safety Engineering Riga Technical University
Course Title Institution
Ergonomics: Master Degree Lisbon University
Ergonomics: Bachelor Degree University of Lisbon
Course Title Institution
Production Ergonomics University of Gothenborg
Ergonomics 1 and 2: Master Level Luleå University of Technology
Affiliation discipline for Master and Bachelor courses: Engineering University of Lund
Affiliation discipline for Master and Bachelor courses: Engineering University of Linköping
Technology, Work and Health: Masters programme KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm